Aqua Signal Series 41: Range of Navigation Lights (for Boats up to 20 Metres)


SKU: 2130374-Steaming-AquaSeries-41

The popular Aqua Signal Series 41 range of light fixtures for use on boats up to 20 metres.

Unfortunately Aqua Signal no longer produces this product. Therefore very LIMITED stock is available.

These good quality navigation light fixtures have impact and shock resistant polycarbonate casings. The light fixtures are constructed using non magnetic components and stainless steel metal parts. The fixtures are seawater resistant certified to IP56. 

The Fresnel lensing optics also feature high quality, impact and shock resistant polycarbonate which enable all lights in the range to be visible for at least 2 nautical miles. This makes them suitable for fixing to boats up to 20 metres. 

The Aqua Signal Series 41 range includes Port, Starboard, Bi-Colour, Stern, and Steaming fixtures.

Please choose your light fitting from the menu above. Aqua Signal light fittings are not supplied with a bulb / lamp. If you wish to upgrade to a long lasting, bright, energy efficient LED replacement please select from the following popular choices:

Aqua Signal Series 41 LED Lamps 

Aqua Signal Series 41 Waterproof LED Lamps 

For the Bi-Colour fixture:

Aqua Signal Series 41 LED Bi-Colour Lamps

Aqua Signal Series 41 Waterproof LED Bi-Colour Lamps


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