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SKU: 2130161G-Silicon-Red-White-&-Green-BboxB

LED bike lights and very useful on your boat too!

These inexpensive silicon cased lights are not the ordinary bike lights found everywhere, these lights have been specially designed and enhanced for Boatlamps. Each light contains two of the most powerful LED lamps available for such a small package and are further enhanced by built in lenses.

Red, White and (optionally) Green
These lights are sold either as a set of two in red and cool white or a set of three in red, green and cool white. The silicon cases are helpfully coloured the same as the light output. The green silicon light has been specially developed for the set and is exclusive to Boatlamps.

The extremely bright red and white lights are ideal for use on bikes carried on board. In the event of an emergency the flashing mode can attract attention or provide a visible warning to other road users.

Use all three are for attaching to your tender when moving about on water at night, you will be more visible and your safety will be very much enhanced. These lights are even bright enough to attach to your boat in the event of a total electrical failure whist sailing in the hours of darkness.

These lamps, when clipped onto guard rail stanchions, can be adjusted to give appropriate coloured light in the required direction. For instance two red lights clipped together can be adjusted to give pretty much the full 112.5 degree angle for a port light and similarly two green lights could provide an acceptable starboard light.

Each of the thee lights can give an optional short flash, long flash and a steady light output, selected by a simple built in push button.

Power is provided by two long life Lithium 3V cells, included with each light.

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