BJB G4 Lamp Holder: Pack of 5


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High quality BJB G4 lamp holder (pack of 5)

BJB G4 solid cable lamp holder allows variable length of solid 0.75 tinned copper cable to be connected. Ideal to use where G4 LED lamps have to be repositioned. Suitable for use on low voltage 0-40V DC.

Important: not to be used on mains voltage.

Product features:

  • Wires permanently joined after insertion
  • Push solid cable fixing: 0.75mm recommended
  • Housing: PPS
  • Contacts: CuNi-CrNi
  • Continuous operating temperature: T200 for the contacts and 240°C for the housing
  • Assembly into cut out ø7.8mm
  • Also possible to tube mount e.g. into a tube with external ø10mm. Internal nominal dimension ø7.8mm.
  • Approval: additional cURus (200°C)

Please note: actual dimensions must be consistent and suitable for the intended application.

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