Bunk Side LED Reading Light: Mini


SKU: 2130214-Halogen-Chrome-Bunk-Mini-Brox

The Mini is a compact and practical bunk-side LED reading light that fits into the smallest nook.

The light comes complete with a handy finger sized switch mounted on the fixed base. It is suitable for 12V and 24V Systems. As with our other bunk side lights, the MINI reading light comes pre-fitted with our bright 6 SMD, 10-30V high-output LED lamp. A popular lamp to upgrade the light is our excellent high output 10 SMD Planar Disc Lamp. 

The ‘chrome’ type plastic finish, similar to modern vehicle chromed plastic features, looks good and is not subject to corrosion and pitting. The fitting comes pre-fitted with silicon rubber insulated final connection cables and is very easy to install.

The light fixture offers a nice bright light which outperforms many significantly more expensive fixtures. The light output from this light fixture has no UV content so will not fade surfaces nor attract flying insects.

The reading light will outperform many of the purpose-built LED fixtures on the market and will provide more effective light than a standard 10W halogen lamp.

The light output is UV free and unlike conventional lamps its light output will not fade surfaces, furnishing fabrics and attract less flying insects.

The lamps used in these fixtures are not polarity sensitive and can be connected either way without damage. However a good practice is to connect the switch feed to the positive conductor.

Mini Bunk Side Lamp Dimensions

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