T8 Integral LED Lamp Light Fixture 600mm / 2ft (IP65 Water Resistant)


SKU: 2130324-DW-12V

IP65 water resistant – perfect for engine, storage and external areas on work and support craft.

Replace your dull 600mm fluorescent tube fixtures with the latest linear integral LED light fixture which are smart and contain very bright integral LED lamps. These light fixtures are ideal for replacing 600mm (24in / 2ft) fluorescent fixtures installed on many boats, trains and RVs. This LED fixture is designed and the integral LEDs are engineered to a marine quality specification and consequently are very much brighter than other similar products on the market.

The fixture has Boatlamps built in Buck-Boost electronic ‘Constant-Current’ control circuit, combining this with 50 high output SMD LEDs gives consistent light output over a wide range of input voltages (10-30V DC) so the same lamp is suitable for use on both 12V and 24V power supplies. 

Our 600mm, 900 lumen linear light fixtures are constructed using 50 high quality Epistar SMD LEDs. Each fixture offers pretty much the effective light output of multiple fluorescent fixtures, whilst consuming less current than a single fluorescent tube.

These light fixtures have a fourfold increased service life compared to fluorescent tubes and are completely flicker free in operation. Using much less power they are much more efficient and run much cooler.

The light output is UV free and unlike fluorescent lamps will not fade surfaces, furnishing fabrics or attract flying insects that are attracted to fluorescent tube light.

Replacing existing fittings enables the removal of the energy wasting and often noisy ballast contained in existing fluorescent fixtures. DIY installation is easily undertaken by most boat owners.

This LED light fixture has a two year warranty and will not cause interference to VHF or AIS signals. The lamp is not polarity sensitive and can be connected without risk of damage.

  • Voltage: 10-30V DC
  • Suitable for 12V & 24V installations
  • Input Power: 9W
  • Input Current: 375 mA @24V 
  • Lumen Output: 900 lumens (Daylight White)
  • Beam Angle: 120° 
  • Dimensions: 40mm width x 580mm length x 42mm depth 
  • Warranty: 24 months

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