44mm 30 SMD LED Festoon Lamp: Modified for Hella Marine 3562 Series


SKU: 2130096G-Hella-44mm-modified-RED

Modified 44mm cone-end Festoon 30 SMD LED Lamp for Hella Marine 3562 Series Navigation Lights.

On board voltage spike and excess current protection.

For some obscure reason Hella Marine fit a propriety 44mm festoon lamp in the black case version of the 3562 navigation light fixtures. The lamp has dissimilar end caps which, to date, has resulted in boat owners not being able to install replacement LED lamps and enjoy the energy savings that are available.

Original Hella Marine Festoon lamp
Original Hella Marine propriety 44mm festoon lamp

We now offer modified 44mm, 30 SMD LED lamps that will fit into Hella Marine 3562 navigation light fixtures. Please note: This is an exchange service offered to boat owners which requires the original glass lamps to be returned to us before we can modify the lamp. The special end caps on the old lamp will be transferred onto our standard 30 SMD festoon lamp.

These lamps are not polarity conscious as they are fitted with a diode bridge rectifier and can therefore be connected either way without damage.

A modest fee is included in the price of the lamp to cover labour associated with exchanging lamp contact and testing of the modified lamp.

The picture below shows the modified lamp installed in a Hella Marine 3562 series steaming light.

Modified Festoon lamp installed in a Hella Marine 3562 series steaming light

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