Boatlamps supply a wide range of quality LED replacement bulbs and lights

Boatlamps Ltd. was founded by Adrian Jones TD MIET MInstRE, a sailor, boat owner and professional electrical engineer who introduced new electronic technology throughout his 40 year career in UK industry. Understanding the technological issues involved enables good LED lamp design principles and materials to be brought together to meet the needs of the tough marine environment.

Many of the ‘inexpensive’ LED lamps on the market today are designed specifically for the motor vehicle market where the electrical environment is much less onerous than that of our boats.

Marine vessels running a nominal 12V system can experience voltage swings of 12-16V when using modern multi-stage battery chargers, so a standard vehicle lamp exposed to this voltage will see its useful service life greatly reduced and when installed on boats can result is severe overheating and pose a real fire risk.

Our LED lamps are specifically designed to handle wide voltage variations and will safely operate unless otherwise advised on all voltages between 10-30V DC. They have a ‘built in’ sophisticated Buck-Boost, constant-current, control circuitry to deal with this. The circuit is designed to ensure that just the right current flows through the lamp despite any variation of input voltage. This results in a constant bright light output, independent of any voltage change.

Boatlamps only select the highest quality LEDs from manufacturers such as Citizen, Cree, Chimei and Epistar, consequently our LED lamps compare extremely well with most incandescent lamps in terms of both light colour and output.

We can offer boat owners the option of a protected lamp with on-lamp, built in self resetting electronic fuse and voltage spike suppression, which are particularly useful where owners operate 24V systems or have experienced premature failure of LED bulbs. For reading and bunk-side lights with deeply seated lamps, we can offer extended pin length options for some of our most popular back pin (or back mount) G4 LED lamps, thus making lamp insertion less difficult.

Simply exchanging your incandescent lamps for LEDs will keep your lighting levels high and your lighting battery current drain down by 80-90%.

Our LED lamps have a full two year warranty on all materials and workmanship.

Boatlamps Ltd
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Boatlamps Ltd is registered in England
Company Number: 7600915
Registered Office: 7 Main Drive, Gerrards Cross, Bucks SL9 7PR, United Kingdom
VAT: GB191464104

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