Horse Box LED Lamps

If your fed up with your horse box battery going flat we have the solution! Our replacement long life energy efficient LED lamps for horse boxes increase the life of your house battery and are perfect for both 12 and 24 Volt vehicles. Boatlamps stock a wide range of high quality LED lamps suitable for replacing 10W halogen lamps commonly used in down-lights installed in most horse boxes.

It’s a simple DIY job to remove a halogen lamp and to install one of our low energy consumption G4 LED disc lamps – compared to a G4 Halogen lamp they use around 80-90% less power thus making your house battery last much longer. Our LED lamps have a very long service life, 20-30 times that of halogen lamps and all have a 2 year warranty.

 Halogen lamp in downlight fixture LED lamp in downlight fixture 
A standard 10W Halogen Lamp An energy efficient long lasting 12SMD 2835 LED lamp
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