LED Lamp Running Costs

Boatlamps LEDs are low cost to run compared to normal halogen lamps

Do you know the running cost of halogen lamps?

If you use 10 x 50W dichroic halogen lamps, for 6 hours a day, the annual cost of electricity to run these is around £180.69 and this is set to increase as electricity supply companies increase their prices.

The running cost of 10 of our mains based LED lamps offering the same effective light output of 10 halogen lamps is just £19.71 per year!

  • Based on the above number of lamps, the return on your investment can be well under a year, with significant savings to follow in future years.
  • Our latest LED lamps use leading edge technology which is extremely reliable.
  • Our LED lamps have a working life of 40,000 hours, compare this to a halogen lamp which typically last only 3,000 hours and most lamps lose light progressively as they age.
  • Over 98% of energy used in a halogen lamp is converted into heat and wasted.
  • LED lamps are cool running and efficient.
  • The heat and high current associated with halogen lamps increases the risk of a house fire.
  • All our LED lamps have a two year warranty.
  • The colour of our LED lamps are now very close to that of a dichroic halogen lamp.
  • Often it is a simple matter of swapping lamp for lamp, the latest LED lamps are the same physical size as halogen lamps.
  • Our GU10 LED lamp can be dimmed.
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