LED Marine PMW Dimmer Module 9-32V DC


SKU: 2130297-Brm-J06

Well suited to marine environment with 10Amp rating and straight forward to install.

Having tested many different PWM Lamp / LED dimmer modules we found this UK produced product to be very well suited to the marine environment.

This dimmer can smoothly dim most LED lamps and can operate on both 12 or 24V boat lighting installations. It employs a very efficient PWM switching technique to provide excellent operation for high power LED and or halogen lamp loads and is fully protected against intermittent output short-circuits, input over and under-voltage conditions. Unlike other LED dimmers on the market, the module will control most levels of LED brightness from 0% (fully off) and to 100% (fully on). The units will dim both incandescent and LED lamps with ease, and the switching frequency is fast enough to avoid visible lamp flicker and LED colour shift.

Straightforward to install
Electrical connections to the dimmer are very straight forward and are shown in the connection diagram. The dimming function is activated by using a suitable momentary centre off rocker switch or two individual, momentary, push button switches. Both options are inexpensive and readily available. The switch(s) can be positioned remotely from the module.

A brief press of either switch will increase or decrease the brightness a small amount. If the switch is pressed continuously, the brightness will increase or decrease for as long as the switch is held, until either the fully-on or fully-off state is reached. The ‘switch’ can be any kind of switch, including relay contacts.

Last level memory
The device also has a useful built-in function where the current brightness setting is saved into non-volatile memory every time it is changed. The brightness level remains in memory even when power is removed, and is restored when power is re-applied. This ensures the pre-set brightness level is not lost when power is removed. This can be useful when sailing at night a pre-set low level of interior light can help preserve night vision.

  • Voltage: 9-32V DC
  • Maximum Power Output: 120W@12V, 240W@24V
  • No minimum load requirement
  • Lamp saving, soft start
  • Suitable for LED, incandescent tungsten filament or halogen Lamps
  • Flicker-less dimming of LEDs (240 Hz operation)
  • Fully protected and rugged

Suitable for your installation or your money back*
There will be LED lamps, given the vast range of available lamps on the market, that the dimmer proves to be unsuitable for. *We will refund the purchase price in full if the unit proves for any reason to be unsuitable for a particular installation and if it is returned undamaged and fit for re-sale, within 30 days of the initial purchase.


LED Marine PMW Dimmer dimensions

Connection diagram:

LED Marine PMW Dimmer connection diagrams

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