BA15S 14 SMD 2835 High Output Compact LED Lamp


SKU: 2130505-WD02

A very compact multi voltage miniature BA15S LED lamp with great light output.

On board voltage spike and excess current protection.

This very bright high output lamp uses 14 2835 high output LEDs and the very latest 10-40V LED driver. The compact lamp is ideal for replacing miniature BA15S incandescent bulbs or upgrading from first generation LED lamps on most marine craft operating 12 or 24 Volt systems. The lamps are particularly suitable for use on 24 Volt installations used on marine vessels and commercial road vehicles. We recommend using this warm white lamp for general lighting purposes and cool white for external and utility areas, red is useful for helping to preserve night vision and installation in hazard warning or trailer lights..

The lamp is designed to minimise EMI, unlike other similar looking lamps sold for non marine use. We utilise specially designed PCB layouts which avoid tracks acting as antenna that radiate EMI (electromagnetic interference). This bulb has our latest on-board PWM Buck-Boost electronic control circuit which combine with 14 high output SMD LEDs to give consistent light output and a very long service life.

Boatlamps recommend using Contralube 770 on all lamp holder contacts and other connections on your boat. This product will protect against contact corrosion which is the most common reason both LED and traditional incandescent lamps flicker or fail.

The light output is UV free and unlike conventional lamps its light output will not fade surfaces, furnishing fabrics and attract less flying insects.

These lamps are not polarity conscious, they are fitted with a diode bridge rectifier and can therefore be connected either way without damage.

  • Voltage: 10-40V DC
  • Input Power: 1.9W
  • Input Current: 158mA @ 12v
  • Lumen Output: 189 Lm (WW)
  • LED: 14SMD 2835
  • Dimensions: 19mm dia x 13.4mm + bayonet base
  • Colour Temperature: 3000K / Warm White, 6347K / Cool White, Red
  • Beam Angle: 360 deg

BA15S Side

 Our LED replaces this bulb type 


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