In-Line Water Resistant Double Pole Switch: 6A


SKU: 2130183-Brm-H04

In-line weather proof double pole switch for marine use and camping.

This in-line water resistant double pole switch is very easy to install and suitable for use in damp environments when camping or for general purpose use on a boat.

This good quality double pole switch has screw contacts which avoid any need for soldering. The toggle type switch has a flexible PVC type membrane which prevents water ingress into the switch. The switch is rated at 6A and when switched off isolates all poles. A shot of silicon sealant in the cable support sheaths will make the switch pretty much waterproof.

  • Voltage: up to 50V
  • Current Rating: 6A
  • Cable Capacity: Up to 0.75mm 2/c
  • Sheath Diameter:
  • Mounting Mode: Conductors - Screw Terminations
  • Colour: Black


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