BAY15D Plated Brass Lamp Holder - For use in Aqua Signal Tri-Colour Light


SKU: 2130483 - Brm C01

A very useful lamp holder for use in Aqua Signal series 40 tri-colour light.

This nickel plated brass BAY15D low voltage bulb holder will take the widely available BAY15D (Offset Pins) lamp and is resistant to corrosion.

This lamp holder has spring assisted contacts and is is mounted on a nickel plated brass bracket which will exactly fit the Aqua Signal, Series 40 tri-colour fixture. 

We recommend using Contralube 770 or Nyogel 760g on all lamp holder contacts to protect, lubricate and prevent contact oxidisation,  a common cause of flickering lamps in the marine environment.

  • Voltage: 10-30V DC 
  • Current: 3A 
  • Power Rating 36W@12V, 72W@24V
  • Uses: LED and incandescent lamps, both internal and external light fixtures

BAY15D Base BAY15D Side  BAY15D

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