Nyogel 760G - Electrical Connection Protector Gel - 100g Trade Pack


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This is the genuine product and not a knock off copy as some cheaper ones are.

Nyogel 760G is a high quality, Polyalphaolefin based, synthetic hydrocarbon gel specifically engineered for weather proofing and protecting electrical connections against corrosion and is suitable for use on all motor vehicles and marine vessels.

We do not recommend any silicone based grease for use on electrical connectors. Why? In short, silicones can polymerise into hard, brittle material that can cause electrical problems.

Electrical connectors are the physical interface between electrical equipment, wires, cables, and electrical circuits used extensively in road vehicles and pretty much every marine vessel.  Applications range from electrical connections in control panels to battery terminal and lamps holder contact protection. Without lubricant protection, contact metals can be extremely susceptible to corrosion, particularly in a damp environment. Often contact and connector corrosion can result in a loss of connectivity over time . NyoGel 760G very effectively seals electrical contacts from and helps protect metal from oxidisation, moisture, aggressive gasses and other hostile elements. In applications where the connector is exposed to the elements, filling the connector housing with NyoGel 760G before mating is recommended as it provides an excellent back-up environmental seal. 

It is not widely appreciated that metal electrical contacts are subject to “fretting corrosion” — which is, oxidisation of the small abrasions that occur on the faces between metal contacts. These small abrasions result from low amplitude vibration and micro repetitive motion caused by thermal contraction and expansion.  More movement is also caused by the environmental vibration common on marine vessels. Repeatedly abraded metals tend to build up high resistant oxidation of contacts which can, over time, result in nuisance high resistance connections. Nyogel 760G very effectively minimises metal-to-metal abrasion and protects, long term, contact surfaces from the effects of fretting corrosion.

Nyogel 760G also reduces the insertion forces required to mate multi-contact connectors and is extremely useful as an assembly aid. This is especially important when working with the larger multi-pin connectors especially when they have to be mated in hard to reach areas.

Nyogel 760G is compatible with all metals including gold and silver plated contacts.

The product does not degrade current/voltage levels across terminations or cause signal impedance; the product works seamlessly on both analogue and digital circuits.

Nyogel 760G includes a UV dye/tracer additive to aid visibility of the product when applied in thin layers. The product contains a ‘copper de-activation component’ which combats and eliminates Verdigris (green coating that builds up on copper surfaces when exposed to dampness).

Use Nyogel 760G for:-

  • Electrical terminals, connectors and lamp holder contacts on both external and internal apparatus
  • Mechanically crimped connectors
  • Main battery terminals and connections
  • Bayonet and Edison screw lamp connections
  • Weatherproof and protect mast top connectors
  • Battery contacts in portable hand held communication equipment
  • Charging contacts and plug and socket type connectors
  • VHF radio terminations and connectors
  • Seal and protect Satellite dish LMB connections
  • Helps prevent rust, vibration corrosion and the general build-up of surface oxides on all metal to metal components
  • It can be used on pretty much everything electro/mechanical and all metal on metal surfaces on your boat.
  • A good multipurpose anti corrosive grease lubricant. 

Nyogel 760G will not harm or degrade communications signal, current or applied voltage, nor will it adversely affect any digital transmission of data passing through connectors.

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