Dusk to Dawn Anchor / Utility LED Light


SKU: 2130191G-BrmA01

Super bright led anchor and utility light kit

This flexible utility light kit can be used as an anchor light or for general lighting purposes in those dark areas below deck. The light is suitable for all boats with 12V system or can be used with one of our stabilised 15-55V DC-12V DC voltage converters feeding a 12V, SUTARS outlet on 24V boats.

Choose from two levels of brightness
The light is supplied with with our 12-LED cool white bulb which has a very low current demand (40mA), it can be upgraded to our brighter 15-LED cool white bulb for those desiring the brightest light possible while still drawing very low level of battery current (100mA).

Automatic on / off
This extremely useful light has an integral dusk-to-dawn photocell that shuts the lamp off at dawn and automatically back on when it gets dark. It’s perfect for when the boat is unattended, or when you don't want to set up potentially unreliable timers and external light sensors.

When hung from rigging or a convenient halyard the clear Fresnel lens acts as an excellent very bright anchor light. It has a clear lens, which can also be useful for lighting the cockpit and for other general lighting purposes below deck.

The light has a fully double O-Ring sealed lens and comes complete with a weather resistant cable gland. It has over 4.5 metres of waterproof cable attached which is terminated in a 12V cigarette lighter plug complete with replaceable fuse. The kit also includes an adjustable hanger and a fuse holder for permanently-wired applications.

It can be wired direct, or can plug into any convenient 12V cigarette lighter socket outlet. If you need a cigarette lighter type socket outlet for your light we stock a range of high quality SUTARS outlets.

We now stock spare O-Ring seals for the Anchor Light and Davis Mega Light.

Our anchor light comes with a full 12 month warranty

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