Hella Marine NaviLED PRO: Steaming Light 3NM


SKU: 2130419-Hella-NaviLEDPro-Steaming-3NM-BLACK

Ultra durable, power saving LED steaming navigation lamp that’s visible for 3 nautical miles making it suitable for boats up to 20m (65ft).

Certified to IMO Colreg 72, USCG, ABYC A-16 and RINA standards.

Hella Marine NaviLED PRO lamps combine precision engineered optics with sophisticated LED and electronic technology to provide ultra high levels of visibility, durability and safety with minimal power consumption. Safety and collision prevention is further enhanced by the highly accurate light output and Multivolt electronics.

The advanced optic technology ensures 100% correct light output and distribution angles. Every NaviLED PRO lamp is calibrated and tested to meet or exceed international standards. The result is LED navigation lighting with dramatically improved visibility and accuracy compared to conventional bulb lamps.

NaviLED PRO lamps have an ultra long service life as there are no filaments to break thus making the lamps extremely shock, vibration and impact resistant. They are completely maintenance free. High impact acrylic housings provide superior durability in demanding conditions. Each lamp is a completely sealed and waterproof unit, UV and corrosion resistant. NaviLED PRO lamps have undergone extreme laboratory ‘tested to destruction’ programs to accelerate and highlight possible failures in the most demanding conditions.

NaviLED PRO lamps run on advanced Multivolt circuitry for consistent illumination and safety from 9-33 Volts DC – even under severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages. This also provides substantial power saving advantages. Each lamp draws less than 2W, less than 10% of the power required to run a 2 nautical mile incandescent lamp, they yet exceed the light output certification standards for 2 and 3 nautical mile lamps. Reverse polarity, spike and over-voltage protection for long life and reliable operation are further benefits of the Multivolt technology.

  • Voltage: 8-28V DC
  • Power 2W

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