Maglite® 2 x C Cell Torch LED 3W Replacement Lamp


SKU: 2130307-Maglite-CNC-White-3.0W-1.0-4.5V-DC

Upgrade your existing Maglite® with a high output LED lamp that will also help you save money on batteries and standard bulb replacement costs.

Brilliant 220 lumens output, the brightest single LED replacement on the market for your 2 x C Cell Maglite. This lamp is significantly brighter than the incandescent bulb it replaces and will dramatically extend your battery life.

Protect electrical contacts indefinitely from corrosion by applying Nyogel 760G connection gel.

This LED lamp does not fade when hot and maintains its bright white, unlike other similar lamps on the market, for much longer. A standard incandescent bulb will drop its light output by ~ 50% output after an hour. The constant current control circuit built into the LED lamp will ensure that light output levels will be maximised over the full life of your batteries – up to 10 hours continuous use on 2 x C cells.

A standard incandescent lamp lasts around 20 hours and needs to be replaced. In contrast our LED lamp has a life of around 20,000 hours whilst maintaining its bright white light output.

The Maglite focus system is maintained which allows the Maglite to vary light output from a tight white beam great for long distance illumination to a wide angle for lighting a wider area. The normal bumps and knocks, normal with use on a boat do not damage the LED lamp, whereas the standard incandescent lamp is fragile and by comparison is easily damaged.

Exchanging the lamp / bulb requires no tools and is very easy, the new LED simply replaces the existing lamp.

  • Voltage: 1-4.5V DC
  • Current: 1000mA @3V
  • Power: 3W
  • Lumens: 220-240 Lumens
  • Lux: 80Lux @ 1M at 3V 
  • Colour: Day White
  • LED: Cree 3W XB-D
  • Control: Constant-Current Driver
  • Beam: 110 deg
  • Fitment: Maglite® 2 x C Cell Torch
  • Warranty: 24 Months

Please note: Maglite not included!

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