Maglite® Rechargeable Torch RE4019U 8W LED Module


SKU: 2130309-BrmI03

Upgrade your existing Maglite® RE4019U Rechargeable Torch with a high output 8W LED lamp and increase battery life between charges.

The Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight system is arguably the best torch you can own and is probably the best, most durable flashlight out there. Now you can modify your flashlight and replace the halogen lamp with one of the best high intensity Cree LED lamp module on the market. You will then have the ultimate hand torch with superb visibility – invaluable for use at sea.

The Cree LED lamp built into this new module is pretty much ideal for this flashlight. The lamp is kept cool by the aircraft grade solid aluminium heat sink which also doubles as an excellent polished reflector.

 Protect electrical contacts indefinitely from corrosion by applying Nyogel 760G connection gel.

Please note: Maglite not included!

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