24V, LED Flexible Strip Lighting - Constant Current Controlled - Water Resistant - IP65.


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24V, LED Flexible Strip - Constant Current Controlled - Water Resistant - IP65.

Professional Quality

Our new LED lighting strip is built to PRO standards and is not the same product as LED strip built for domestic lighting purposes.

The latest technology developments mean that very bright LED lighting strip is, at last, safe and reliable for use on marine vessels.  Sophisticated, tiny electronic integrated circuits are built into every segment of this LED flexible strip which provide a constant current control for each LED, irrespective of normal variations in the supply voltage.

A major barrier, historically, to using LED lighting strip on our boats was unstable current flow due to variations in supply battery voltage.  Charging voltage can have a detrimental affect on LED lamp life and the output light colour will change over time. Lumen output of standard, resistor controlled, LED lighting strip declines rapidly when exposed to excessive voltage. Up to 50% more current can flow through LEDs when modern smart battery chargers are in use.

The LED strip enclosed in a heat shrink, water proof sleeve which offers both water and abrasion resistance.

  • Operating Voltage: 24V DC (including battery charging voltage)
  • Power: 11w/m
  • LEDs: 140/m (2835)
  • PCB Width: 10mm
  • PCB Weight: 57g
  • Cutting Length: 100mm
  • 2835 LEDs Per Segment: 7
  • Lumen Output: 750 Lm/m (ww)
  • Efficacy: WW >80 L/w
  • IP Rating: IP 65


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