PAR 36 Sealed-Beam LED Replacement Lamp: Waterproof


SKU: 2130141-LrgA01

Robust replacement waterproof LED lamp for traditional spreader / deck sealed-beam.

Some boat owners have been reluctant to regularly use traditional sealed-beam spreader/deck lights due to the considerable drain these demand on a boats batteries. Boatlamps can now provide an LED low current solution to replace those current intensive sealed-beam units.

Our new weatherproof LED replacement lamp is designed to be simply exchanged with the glass sealed-beam unit commonly fitted into many traditional spreader and deck lighting fixtures.

These extremely bright, LED light units, available in 10W and 13W designed to simply replace any 35-50W sealed-beam unit such as the AquaSignal series 41 Combo deck/steaming light fixture. It also is a direct swap out for the lamps fitted to traditional stainless steel swivel and fixed spreader light mounting fixtures.

Service life comparison compared to standard 50W halogen lamp

Service life comparison compared to standard 50W halogen lamp

Our engineers have increased the effective light output of this 10W LED unit whilst reducing current drain by 80% when compared to a conventional incandescent sealed-beam 50W unit. The light output is UV free and unlike conventional lamps its light output will not attract flying insects.

The lamps are extremely robust and can take the often arduous marine environment in it's stride, it is not subject to damage or failure due to excessive vibration or day to day knocks commonplace on all marine craft.

Quality Cree LED lamps are used to produce exceptional light output in excess of 600 Lumens of cool white light, perfect for brightly illuminating any deck area. Our built in Buck-Boost electronic control circuit ensures that the light unit operates at full brightness level on any supply voltage between 10-30V DC.

AquaSignal sealed unitPerko sealed beam unit

Replaces sealed beam lamps in many fixtures including Aqua Signal and Perko

  • Voltage: 10-30V DC
  • Input Power: 10W
  • Input Current: 833mA @12V
  • Lumen Output: 630 Lumens (10W) and 720 Lumens (13W)
  • Protection: IP67, waterproof
  • Colour: Cool White 6000K
  • Beam Angle: 30 deg
  • Warranty: 24 Months


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