Welcome to Boatlamps – the UK’s leading marine LED specialist.

We are having a break between 24 August - 31 August. The shop will remain open for orders and these will be shipped on 1 September.

Boatlamps supply replacement LED bulbs designed and selected specifically for marine craft light fixtures in the powerboat and sail leisure market, as well as leisure and commercial road vehicles.

Boatlamps LED bulbs are constructed using only high quality, high output SMD LEDs, all of which have proved to be very reliable in the arduous marine and outdoor environments.

We stock the brightest replacement LED lamps for navigation lights plus all of our LED products have the best available linear integrated circuits built into them. The sophisticated Buck-Boost electronic circuits ensure that LED supply current and light output remains constant despite any variation in the supply voltage.

Boatlamps’ wide range of LED bulbs are suitable for most types of navigation light fixtures. Our new BAY15D 60 SMD very high output lamps are widely used on large vessels and we can now make these lamps economically viable for smaller vessel owners who want their boat to be seen from afar and stand out. 

We now also offer a range of good quality, economic LED lamps specifically for use in motor vehicles, caravans, RVs and other circumstances where the supply voltage is generally more stable.

UK and Worldwide Shipping • 2 Year Warranty

As well as the UK, we ship LED lamps worldwide using fast Royal Mail Airmail service, with typical delivery times to Europe 2–3 days, Australia / New Zealand 5–8 days and USA 4–5 days. Plus our LED lamps have a full two year warranty on all materials and workmanship.

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