G4 LED Bi-Pin Planar Disc Lamps: Economy

This economical range of G4 LED bi-pin planar disc lamps are simple resistor controlled devices and designed for applications where the voltage does not vary significantly, such as in motor vehicles, RVs and caravans. These lamps are suitable for use in the home if using 12V LED constant-voltage drivers, view our range here. When used on boats they should be associated with a suitable 12V voltage stabiliser.

We strongly recommend only using constant current LED lamps where voltage can be expected to vary, such as when smart battery chargers are used. Voltage can exceed 16V during a battery equalisation cycle, exposure to this voltage will significantly reduce the service life of these lamps and invalidate the lamp warranty. These lamps can be used with our DC-DC Voltage Converters which provides the ideal power source for these lamps.

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