Cigarette Lighter Low Voltage Plug


SKU: 2130182-i02

Good quality cigarette lighter low voltage plug with LED indicator.

This good quality cigarette lighter type low voltage plug is useful for connection all sorts of portable apparatus on a boat or when camping. The plug has an integral fuse which is essential for protection of any wandering lead or attached equipment.

Another very useful feature is a red indicator LED lamp which shows when the plug is connected to as live socket. This helps identify any potential connection problems common when using portable kit in a damp environment.

The cable entry sheath helps prevent the breaking of cable conductors which is another common issue on plugs without this facility.

  • Voltage: up to 50V
  • Current Rating: 7A @ 24V DC
  • Cable Capacity: Up to 0.75mm 2/c
  • Sheath Diameter: Suitable for 2/c sheathed cable
  • Mounting Mode: Conductors - Solder Terminations
  • Colour: Black

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