Contralube 770 - 8g Sachet


SKU: 2130001-C11

Weatherproofing & Corrosion Protection For all Power & Data Connections.

Every boat owner needs to protect electrical contacts and connections from corrosion.

For larger packs of connection gel please see our professional Nyogel 760G products.

You will know when your torch or remote control stops working if it hasn’t been used for some time. You knock it on a hard surface or give it a shake, then it works! Well the reason for this is oxides building up on the contact faces of the battery connection.

Most boat owners will be familiar with having to dismantle and clean light bulb contacts. It’s annoying at deck level but a real pain at the top of the mast! When moist air gets to copper ‘verdigris’ oxidation can also build up on exposed surfaces. This contamination will eventually affect the conductivity of any associated contacts which deteriorate, overheat and can subsequently fail.

Contralube 770 stops unwanted oxidation
Contralube 770 will stop this oxidisation and significantly helps to promote good reliable electrical continuity when used on all electrical connections and contact areas on your boat. It has a special copper de-activator that stops this verdigris oxidisation building up on exposed copper components. Whilst most quality boat wiring utilises tinned copper conductors, the tinning is breached by simply cutting the cable to form connections. Contralube seals these connections and isolates and protects any bare copper left exposed to salt laden moisture.

Tin or indeed gold plating on cable conductors and connectors can be microscopically porous and plating can be easily scratched during initial mating of connectors. Over time oxides of exposed copper can cause any associated connections to seriously deteriorate. Contralube 770 will prevent oxidisation.

Contralube 770 is ideal for protecting:

  • Electrical terminals, connectors and lamp contacts on both external and internal apparatus
  • Main battery terminals and connections
  • Weatherproof your bayonet lamp connections
  • Weatherproof mast top connectors
  • Battery contacts in portable hand held communication equipment
  • Charging contacts and plug and socket type connectors
  • Prevents corrosion when assembling VHF radio terminations
  • Helps prevent rust, vibration corrosion and the general build-up of surface oxides on all metal to metal components
  • Plus it helps stop the oxidisation that causes open circuits on navigation light fittings
  • It can be used on pretty much everything electro / mechanical and all metal on metal surfaces on your boat

Contralube 770 will not harm or degrade the current or voltage, nor will it adversely affect any signal transmitted through connectors.

For more information see our Contralube 770 FAQs.

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