Emergency Navigation Battery Powered LED Lights (Set of 3)


SKU: 2130159G-BrmC01

Brightest battery powered waterproof LED emergency navigation light set.

In the original version of these emergency light fixtures each was fitted with small incandescent torch lamp, powered by a single D-Cell. The overwhelming consensus of customers was that the light output was pretty ‘abysmal’ and battery working life was disappointing. These factors are completely at odds with the intended purpose of the lights.

To overcome the poor performance issues, we have designed a bespoke battery operated LED version of the emergency navigation lights each light contains a new, unique, high output and bright 1.5V LED lamp. The new LED side emitting lamps instantly transform the fixtures into an extremely useful product.

Our new emergency lighting fixtures are perfect for substituting one or indeed all of your standard navigation lights, should a single light fail or the boat electrical system develop a serious fault. The lights can be set up in minutes and brightly re-light your vessel during the hours of darkness.

Protect electrical contacts indefinitely from corrosion by applying Nyogel 760G connection gel.

The fixtures are of good quality and come complete with robust fixing clips and have light shields fitted to ensure correct viewing angles. Fixing clips can easily be positioned using cable ties.

Each fitting is sealed with double O-Rings, rendering them completely weather proof and they also float!

The very much improved light output and battery longevity makes the portable light fixtures particularly suitable for intermittent use on small craft when moving about on water at night. The lights will greatly improve the visibility of these smaller vessels without requiring a relatively large battery to power them. Indeed some European countries require coloured lights to be shown on all small craft if they exceed 7kph, which many tenders with outboard can easily do, a fine can be incurred for not showing the required lights!

Individual LED replacement bulbs are also available for owners of the incandescent version of these fittings. Click here for further information.

Please note: batteries are not included. Boat lamps recommend you carry at least two sets of spare batteries on-board.

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