E10 1.5V LED Edison Screw Lamp for Emergency Navigation Lights


SKU: 2130103-1.5V-E10-L03

Replace the incandescent emergency navigation light lamps with our specially designed 1.5v LED bulbs.

These LED lamps are ideal for replacing the incandescent lamps fitted to many types of emergency navigation lights which have been a popular buy for boat owners for many years. Unfortunately, the lights suffered from poor light output due to the low power incandescent lamps used in many of them. We also offer a complete set of emergency lights complete with LED lamps.

Whilst LED torch lamps are available, none offer the necessary side emitter facility and colours required to work well with navigation dome lights.

Our engineers have designed a unique high output LED lamp that can be powered from a single 1.5V cell. The lamps are available in Red, Green and Cool White and are ideal for use in small navigation lights fitted to tenders and other small boats where a 12 volt battery supply isn’t available. The lamps offer considerably brighter light output than the original incandescent bulbs and have a good working life using any standard 1.5v cell.

Use a red lamp behind a red lens, a green lamp behind a green lens and a cool white lamp for the white light.

The 1.5V cell working life will depend on the quality of cell is used and its state of charge. For guidance, a single alkali D cell will power the lamp for approximately 15 hours.

  • Voltage: 1.5 Volts DC
  • Input Power: 1W
  • Lamp Type: E10
  • Warranty: 24 months

Emergency navigation lights

Our replacement LEDs are perfect for emergency navigation lamps like these

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