G4 LED Tower Lamp - COB Diffuser


SKU: 2130437 - WA11

G4 LED Tower Lamp - COB Diffuser

This new lamp fills a need for a lamp that offers smooth output light which is less harsh than a halogen lamp whilst producing more effective light and doesn't dazzle users.

This bulb uses the latest COB LED technology that offers even distribution of light and allows heat to be conducted away from a larger surface area. This enables more light to be output despite the relatively small size of lamp.

Our diffuser COB lamp is compact and not much larger than a standard 10W halogen lamp and looks similar to a halogen lamp. This makes it particularly suitable for use in some of the smaller exposed light fixtures such as swivel bunk lights. In our view, in use, it seems brighter than the halogen lamp it replaces, whilst reducing the current draw on your battery by over 80%.

The lamp is fitted with our Buck-Boost electronic control circuit which ensures that the light output is consistently bright when voltage varies and lamp life is maximised.

The diffuser is formed by a special optic refractive compound that facilitates light distribution and assists effective cooling whilst offering waterproofing qualities.

These lamps are not polarity conscious they are fitted a independent diode bridge rectifier and can therefore be connected either way without damage.


  • Power Input: 1.5 Watt (0.12A @ 12VDC)
  • Voltage: 10-30VDC
  • Lumen Output: 190 Lumens WW, 
  • Colour : 2700K WW, 6000K CW
  • CRI:  >80
  • Protection: Waterproof Encapulation
  • Dimensions: 36mm x 10mm dia.

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