G4 10 SMD 5630 High Power Bi-Pin LED Tower Lamp


SKU: 2130375-Brm I07

This high power G4 metal clad lamp will suit many application where increased level light is required from a compact tower lamp.

This well engineered 360 degree, G4, metal clad lamp offers increased light output compared to that offered by standard PCB based LED lamps. The all metal frame of the lamp acts as an excellent heat sink which rapidly conducts heat away from the 10 high-power 5630 super bright LEDs. The thermally efficient heat sink lowers the operating temperature of the LEDs which facilitates a long operational life.

This lamp offers a good solution where a brighter G4 lamp is required for down lights particularly where the G4 female side socket is set vertically. The vertical socket arrangement prevents planar disc lamps being utilised in a number of older down light fixtures.

An on-board Buck-Boost electronic control circuit ensures a constant bright light output when the supply voltage varies and contributes to a long service life.

The warm white is good for wood surfaced interiors with day white recommended for utility and external areas. Day white is increasingly used on contemporary motor yachts in open areas where bright white light is gaining in popularity.

The light output is UV free and unlike conventional lamps its light output will not fade surfaces, furnishing fabrics and attract less flying insects.

  • Output Colour: Day White (5000K) or Warm White (3000K)
  • Voltage: 10-30V DC
  • Input Power: 1.3W
  • Input Current: 48mA @24V 83mA @12V
  • Lumen Output: 320 Lumens DW
  • LED: 10SMD 5630
  • Colour Temp: 3100K WW 5000K DW
  • Beam Angle: 360°
  • Dimensions: 23mm(+Pins) x 12mm diameter 
  • Warranty: 24

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