Hella Marine Series 8504: Steaming / Floodlight (for Boats up to 20 Metres)


Sorry we have run out of stock for this item.

Limited Stock, Hella Marine are no longer manufacturing this product

Final number of fixtures available with some minor marks on fixture case due to shop soiling, marks are invisible when the fitted light is viewed from deck.

Discount price of £150.00 inclusive of LED Lamps.

This extremely popular combo light comprises of an excellent halogen deck flood light with the option of a bright 2984 series LED steaming light.

The Hella Marine white cased Series 8504 Steaming / Floodlight combo fixture is perfect for boats up to 20 metres fully compliant with COLREG visibility requirements. Deck floodlight and masthead lamp are combined in one robust housing.

This fixture comes complete with a 10W incandescent steaming light lamp and a 55w halogen deck light lamp. We offer discounted LED replacement lamps for both the steaming and the deck light features which will reduce the battery loading for this fixture by 80%.

You can also purchase popular LED replacements lamps from us for this fixture. For the steaming light element of the Hella Marine 8504 combination fixture, click here for details. For the flood / deck light element of the Hella Marine 8504 fixture, click here for details.

  • 3 nautical mile masthead lamp.
  • Hella Marine ‘Free Form’ reflector technology.
  • Flexible mounting arms for mounting on a variety of mast profiles.
  • Illuminates large areas of deck or superstructure.
  • Glass lens bonded with reflector to be dust and moisture resistant.
  • Covered bulbs for moisture protection.
  • All metal parts are stainless steel.
  • White fibre reinforced housing.

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