Recessed LED Down Light Fixture: Gold Type, Un-switched


SKU: 2130133G-Gold-Un-Switched-6SMD-WW

Interior gold type LED down-light fixture.

Our recessed 12/24V down-lighter can be pre-fitted with one of our high-output G4 LED lamps.

These fixtures are good value recessed type G4 boat down-lighters. The “gold” type plastic finish (as used on modern road vehicles) looks good and is not subject to corrosion and pitting. The fitting comes complete insulated final connection cables and is easy to install using 2 screws into the head liner.

You can select one of our LED lamps from the drop down menu, a popular one is our excellent high output 10 SMD Planar LED Lamp. Fitted with this lamp, this down-lighter will outperform many of the purpose-built LED fixtures currently on the market.

There is an option to preconfigure this down-lighter with our very popular dual output Red / White “switchable” lamp. In red light mode it’s perfect for helping to preserve night vision for crew who go below at night. In white mode its light output is equivalent to a 10W Halogen bulb.

The lamps used in these fixtures are not polarity sensitive and can be connected either way without damage. However a good practice is to connect the switch feed to the positive conductor.

Recessed LED Down Light Fixture 60mm fixing screw centres

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