T10 10 SMD 5050 LED Wedge Lamp


SKU: 2130260-i08

Our most popular T10 LED wedge lamp with outstanding light output – great for overhead light fixtures that use 10-15W halogen lamps.

This T10 LED wedge lamp is our best seller because it fits most boat and RV wedge down-light fixtures and is one of the brightest G4 LED replacement lamps that Boatlamps produce. Available in warm white – perfect for interior lighting.

Ideal for replacing wedge lamps widely used for general lighting purposes on boats, caravans, RVs and other motor vehicles, including cars and trucks.

A high quality lamp that features our on-board Buck-Boost electronics and high output SMD LEDs thermally bonded to a well engineered al-core PCB. These features combine to give amazing light output, superior efficacy and the longest service life in a replacement T10 lamp. The highly thermally efficient PCB allows this lamp to significantly outperform a standard 10 SMD LED planar lamp. These lamps are designed to minimise EMI, unlike other similar looking lamps sold for non marine use. We utilise specially designed PCB layouts which avoid tracks acting as antenna that radiate EMI (electromagnetic interference).

The light output is UV free and unlike conventional lamps its light output will not fade surfaces, furnishing fabrics or attract flying insects.

These lamps are not polarity conscious, they are fitted with a 4 independent diode bridge rectifier and can therefore be connected either way without damage.

  • Voltage: 10-30VDC
  • Colours: Warm White 3200K
  • Input Power: 2.0W
  • Input Current: 196mA
  • Lumen Output: 120 Lumens
  • LED: 10SMD 5050
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Dimensions: 30mm diameter x 8.5mm
  • Warranty: 24 months


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