BA9S High Power LED Mini Flood Light Lamp


SKU: 2130081-i03

Ideal for use for deck lighting, the cool white light output from this miniature LED lamp is quite remarkable and can illuminate a wide area of deck.

This high quality BA9S mini flood light lamp was developed to replace 20W halogen lamps fitted to a number of steaming / deck lamp combo units. We have tried and tested many options and found that this extremely bright lamp gave, by far, the best light output from such a compact lamp. The light quality is enhanced by an excellent lens designed to focus light directly onto the foredeck. It illuminates a wide area which makes working and crew movement at night significantly easier.

This cool white lamp is an ideal replacement for the Aqua Signal, Series 25, 20W halogen lamp. The effective light output from this high power Cree LED is significantly better than that provided by the original halogen lamp, whilst making a massive saving of over 90% when compared to the power used by the original 20W halogen lamp. This lamp can be used without fear of running house batteries down.

The lamp contains a constant-current control circuit which together with the high quality Cree LED will give a reliable long working life.

  • Voltage: 8-16V DC
  • Current: 130mA
  • Power: 1.82W
  • Lumen Output: 250 lumens
  • Colour: Cool White
  • Dimensions: 32mm including base, 11.8mm diameter
  • Warranty: 24 months

Original halogen bulbOur LED replaces this bulb type

AquaSignal Series 25 'Combo'AquaSignal Series 25 ‘Combo’

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