Osculati: 360 Degree, Anchor/Tender Light. (for Boats up to 12 Metres)


SKU: 2130468-LrgC01

Water Resistant 360° Anchor Light - Ideal for Boats up to 12m.

This internationally approved, compact, 360 degree, navigation light is an ideal anchor light for boats up to 12 metres. It's also popular for installation as a general all round light for smaller vessels under 7 metres. The light is certified visible for 2 nautical miles and is IP54 rated.

The light can be mounted directly onto a horizontal surface. The fixture is non magnetic, salt water resistant and is constructed from tough black UV resistant base and clear polycarbonate lens. The housing is robust and the lens remains clear in all climates and is rain/seawater proof. The light comes complete with a PVC insulated 2 x single core cable which enters through the base of the fixture.

When purchasing you can select either a standard BA15D incandescent lamp or opt to include a Boatlamps long lasting, high output, LED lamp.

A replacement LED lamp for this fixture is also available here.

Diameter: 60mm 
Height: 74mm

  This light uses this lamp

BA15D Side  BA15D Base BA15D

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