Danbuoy, E10 1-9V, 1W, Cool White, Side Emitting, LED Replacement Lamp.


SKU: 2130463 - D04

Danbuoy, E10, 1-9V, 1W, Cool White, Side Emitting, LED Replacement  Lamp

Popular for use in Plastico and other Danbuoy Lights.

Our engineers have developed a high quality LED replacement lamp suitable for use in the Plastico and other popular battery operated Danbuoy lights. The lamp is a straight swap out and is also suitable for use in many other emergency rescue lights where it is important to have a bright light. Owners of emergency lights will be amazed at the increased light output compared to the incandescent lamp often used across a range of lifebelt lighting products. Our lamp offers significantly greater visibility for a deployed light in a man overboard situation.

This high quality lamp has be specially engineered to operate at any voltage between 1-9V DC and has been designed to emit light from both the side as well as the top of the lamp in order to maximise visibility. This LED lamp uses significantly less current than its incandescent lamp equivalent (often 2W) and is considerably brighter.

Boat owners should consider utilising Lithium batteries in equipment where batteries are expected to be idle for extended periods such as when used in Danbouy lights. Lithium batteries tend to be more expensive but have a significantly longer storage shelf life (many manufacturers claim up to 10 years) compared to Alkali batteries. Lithium batteries generally also have a greater ampere hour capacity which means a deployed light will stay brighter for much longer. 

We strongly recommend the use of Contralube or other specialist contact grease such as Nyogel 760 on all Danbuoy lamp holder and battery terminals, contacts and connectors. These excellent synthetic specialist grease products are designed to prevent fretting corrosion (oxidisation) often due to vibration and thermal movement between metal to metal contacts. This is particularly important where equipment is not used regularly and is exposed to both temperature change and vibration.

These lamps are polarity sensitive, please ensure centre contact in danbouy lights is positive.

Occasionally we have had customers report that for some unexplained reason wiring in Plastico products are connected reverse polarity. If so positive and negative wires need to be simply swapped over to correct it.


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