Hella Marine Series 2984: Navigation Light (for Boats up to 20 Metres)


SKU: 2130144-LrgB03

Limited Stock, Hella Marine are no longer manufacturing this product

Good quality robust navigation light fixtures are suitable for boats up to 20 metres (65ft).

The Hella Marine Series 2984 navigation lights are internationally approved navigation lights popular for boats up to 20 metres and are certified visible for 2 nautical miles. Hella Marine fixtures are non magnetic and salt water resistant and are constructed from tough black plastic and are seawater proof.

A standard incandescent BAY15D bayonet lamp is included. If you wish to upgrade to a long lasting, bright, energy efficient LED replacement we stock a compact high output LED lamp popular for this Hella Marine light, click here for details.

The fixture has a snap lock housing allowing lamps to be changed without the use of tools. All Hella Marine 2984 series navigation lights feature a vertically hanging bulb and contacts in the upper area of each lamp to help prevent corrosion.

The light fixture does not include an incandescent lamp this has to be purchased separately.

BAY15D Base BAY15D Side  BAY15D

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