Sutars 1245, Low Voltage Socket Outlet 12V / 24V: Extension


SKU: 2130181-G05

A high quality Sutars cigar/cigarette lighter size socket extender – useful if you need 12/24V remote from an outlet.

Simply connect a flexible 2/c flexible cable rated at 16A to this useful extension socket. The socket is easy to connect using standard 6.3mm push-on blade terminals (Amp Type). There is a built in cord grip that screws onto the cord external sheath, thus avoiding strain on electrical connections.

Sutars sockets have been produced and in service, internationally, for over 30 years. They offer excellent value and are really built to last. This Sutars socket offer complete reliability in the harsh marine environment. There are many products on the market that try to imitate this product, most only look similar and are often significantly inferior in both design detail and materials used.

The metal parts of this socket are made from nickel plated brass thereby giving the socket high corrosion resistance. This combined with a well sealed cap and added UV stabilisation of the external plastic ensures a long service life.

An internal rim keeps the accessory plug securely fastened and the live central contact is also countersunk to maximise connectivity. Ensure that each socket is protected by a suitably rated fuse or circuit breaker before connecting to the power source.

This socket is perfect for connecting our Dusk to Dawn Utility Light.

  • Current Rating: 16A
  • Colour: Black
  • External Dimensions: 76mm x 35mm dia
  • Weight: 35g

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