Fluorescent LED Tube Lamp & Fixtures

Boatlamps replacement tube lamps are ideal for retrofitting to existing fluorescent fixtures. They have been designed to overcome the shortcomings of flexible and rigid strip LED lighting. By using a well engineered aircraft grade aluminium alloy heat sink we are able fit LEDs much closer together whilst the specially designed heat sink works very effectively and allows the LEDs to run at their optimal working current giving you maximum light. We believe they are the brightest on the market. The specially designed heat sink works very effectively and allows LEDs to run at their optimal working current, thus obtaining maximum light per unit length of the lamp. Finally we added a high impact polycarbonate clear cover and pin connector end caps.

Each lamp has the Boatlamps Boost-Buck constant-current control electronics built into the tube and therefore needs no other external components to function. The lamp is suitable to be connected directly to any 10-30V DC power supply. Light output and power consumption will be constant throughout its voltage range.

These lamps are ideal for use on boats with modern battery chargers that can raise on board voltages to 16 Volts well as for caravan fixtures. Minor modification is required for installation into existing fluorescent fittings, the simple DIY operation is well within most boat owner’s capability and connection diagrams are provided with each tube.

Fit a New Boatlamps LED Tube Fixture.
If your existing fluorescent fixtures are old and somewhat tatty, simply replace them with our new complete LED tube light fittings. Our new economic tube lamp fixture is constructed from light weight aluminium and comes complete with an on / off switch and end caps with built in socket connectors that allow multiple fittings to be strung together. These light fixtures come complete with either a high output 66 or 120 SMD LED tube lamp. The light weight construction allows the fixtures to be secured to most surfaces using modern double side acrylic tape. Alternatively you can use the brackets that come with the fitting.

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