Tri-Colour LED Lamp Fixtures for Boats Under 12 Metres

The COLREGS require that a boat under 12 metres (39ft) during hours of darkness:

  • Should ensure that side lights (red and green) are visible for a minimum of 1 nautical mile.
  • All round white anchor light and the stern light should be visible for a minimum of 2 nautical miles.

Of course all of the LED lamps listed below meet and exceed these minimum visibility requirements. Our warm white LED lamps are popular and often used in tri-colour lights.

Important: Please ensure that your lamp fixture is effectively sealed, as these fixtures may get submerged in heavy seas. Sea water ingress will result in damage to LED lamps and the associated lamp holder. Water damage is specifically excluded from our warranty, so it is important to maintain the fixtures by checking both the cover gaskets and cable entry. When mounting LED lamps adjacent to AIS and other sensitive antenna do try to separate the lamp as far as is practicable from antenna to minimise any interference issues.

If you unable to adequately seal your light fixtures we recommend using a waterproof tri-colour LED lamp.

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